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Bonnie Solomon writing coach editor script consultant



Over the course of twenty years as a development executive, studio reader, and writing coach/consultant, I have analyzed – literally – thousands of stories, and I’ve coached dozens of writers, from aspiring amateurs to A-list professionals.


I’ve written script coverage for studio heads, crafted film treatments for directors, provided draft notes to screenwriters, and served as Creative Executive for Walden Media on a slate of $10M - $50M films. I’ve also shaped and edited a variety of novels from seed-of-an-idea to final draft while taking and teaching a variety of classes on writing fiction. My own novel is in the works, so I have an intimate understanding of the trials and tribulations of the writing process.

My fascination with storytelling began at a young age, when I would flip to the back of the TV Guide, read the loglines of all the movies that were playing that week, and analyze them to see which "hooked" me and why. This skill paid off early on in my career, when I realized that I had an intuitive knack for story and for working with writers, producers, and execs to bring out the best in their material. 


Many story consultants simply produce a set of notes without actually helping writers to improve their craft or increase their marketability. Many coaches are great cheerleaders, but they lack the technical skills required to find and hone their clients' genius. I pride myself on both my industry experience and my ability to create safe, supportive environments in which creativity – and productivity – can thrive.


Good writers work hard. Great writers work smart. What kind do you want to be?

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