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"Bonnie has been reading for DreamWorks Animation for five years, during which time she has become an indispensable member of our team. She has great taste in material, a strong sense of story, and a reliable understanding of what may or may not work for us. Her recommendations are invariably spot on, and we know we can trust her opinions when evaluating material for the company."


Chris Kuser

Senior Development Executive, DreamWorks Animation



"Bonnie is a narrative alchemist and structural master. Her finely honed sensibility for story, character development, and commercial viability makes her a great asset to any screenwriting initiative or narrative IP development process."


Josh Shore




"I’ve worked with dozens of script/story analysts over the decades; Bonnie is peerless, the best I’ve ever met. I trust her totally, even with my own words, and the value she brings as a coach/collaborator is far, far greater than her fee structure reflects. Raise your prices!!!"


Steven Starr

Producer, Screenwriter



“A consummate wordsmith with a wizardly grasp of structure and story, Bonnie scoured every page of my first book, Puppetji’s Words of Wizdumb – a humorous take on spirituality spoken from the perspective of a Guru Puppet.  Not an easy task.  Calling her my editor would be an insult. Her red-inked pen is like a magic wand.”


James Murray

Author, Creator of Puppetji



"Working with Bonnie is like having an extra brain to give to a project.  I trust her opinion as if it were my own."


Patrick Mullen

Creative Executive, DreamWorks Animation



“Working with Bonnie is a pleasure. Not only is she always prompt and reliable, but she’s extremely user-friendly if I ever have any specific creative needs. Would definitely recommend her as a reader!”


Kate Ritter

Creative Executive, Bold Films



“As a screenwriter for over 30 years, I found Solomon's articulate insights to be reaffirming and in line with my own private concerns. She is a genius with story and a real joy to work with. “


David Oakes


"I wasn't sure at first if I needed coaching or therapy. It turned out, Bonnie provided both. My sales had stagnated and my self-confidence was suffering, but she pointed out issues with my writing that I had missed, and showed me a clear path forward. Thanks is not a strong enough word. Now, back to writing."


Harry Saint-Ours


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